Published Works:

Hoffman, Christine. “Setting the Tone for Higher Education: The Blanco Star School of Hays County, Texas.” Intersect: Perspectives in Texas Public History 2, no. 1 (Fall 2014): 60-68,

Archival Finding Aid:
Moscardini-Hall, Christine, Phylicia Reyes, and Wendy Thompson. “A Guide to the Jody Fischer Collection 1974 – 2003 [Bulk Dates 1974-1988]” The Jody Fischer Collection of Willie Nelson, Southwester Writers Collection, Texas State University – San Marcos, 2001.

Works in Progress:

Hoffman, Christine “Gotta Catch them All: Encouraging Community Engagement in Historical Sites Through Popular Augmented Reality Mobile Applications.” Article in progress requested by a journal editor.

Exhibits and Community Events:
Researched, Authored, and Designed (often involving community partnership and collaboration)

  • Artworks of Nita Ross – April 2015
  • Central Texas Ingress Battlefield (with Niantic Games and Brenham Heritage Museum) September 2015
  • The Search for the Community at Cedar Creek: Exhibit in Honor of Texas Archaeology Month October 2015
  • Chappell Hill School Reunion Pop Up Museum Day November 22, 2015
  • A History of Woodworking in Chappell Hill – April 2016
  • Stained Glass and Tears: Perspectives on Juneteenth with artist Asha Savage and the Walker Brothers June 2016

Conferences and Papers Presented:

  • Mountain Plains Museum Association - Oct. 26, 2016 - Catching Pokémon While They’re Hot! – Panelist in a discussion on rapidly adapting to new technology trends without breaking the bank
  • Texas Association of Museums – April 8, 2016 Session: Hot Tech Talk – one member of 4 member panel discussing implications of NMC Horizon Report 2015 edition, contributed information about BYOD (bring your own device and AR gaming as outreach)
  •  Texas Association of Museums – April 5, 2013 Session: School’s Out - Let’s Go to the Museum! Presentation: “Out of time and place: Collaborating with Out-Of-School-Time Education Programs.”
  • Texas Association of Museums – March 30, 2012 Session: Showcasing Graduate Student Work from Baylor University, Texas State University and Texas Tech University. Presentation: “Viewing the Present through the Lens of the Past: A brief case study in the use of Public Archaeology for Interdisciplinary Education.”
  • National Council for the Social Studies – November 15, 2008 Represented the Community Archaeology Research Institute at the Texas Archaeology Society booth
  • Texas Medieval Association (TEMA) – undergraduate volunteer coordinator October 14, 2005
  • First Annual Houston Area Phi Alpha Theta Consortium: April 23, 2005 Paper: “Texas Wends: Their migration to the Hill Country of Texas and their assimilation into Texas German Culture up to 1950.”
  • Phi Alpha Theta East Texas Regional Conference at UH Downtown - April 9, 2005 “Texas Wends: Their migration to the Hill Country of Texas and their assimilation into Texas German Culture up to 1950.”
  •  Crossroads Texas Conference in Seguin, TX – Moderated discussion panel 2003

Lectures and Talks:

  • Washington County Genealogical Society – September 12, 2016 – The historic schools of Washington County
  • Austin Museum Partnership – August 30, 2016 - "Catch ‘em All: Engaging New Visitors with Pokemon GO" 
  • Independence Historical Society Meeting – September 12, 2014 - "No Museum Left Behind: A Brief Case Study in the Use of Historic Sites for Interdisciplinary Education in the twenty-first century."