These are links to organizations that I think have done or are doing amazing work involving the public in the discovery, preservation, interpretation, and education about the past. Want to be linked? Leave a comment and let me know what you are working on!

Public Archaeology:

YatesCommunity Archaeology Project: I worked with this fabulous project 2005-2007, and intermittently for a few years after that. They are located in the Fourth Ward of Houston, Texas and are doing good work.

Community Archaeology Research Institute:

Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage: Great digital journal covering public archaeology, public heritage work, and sometimes museology as related to the previous topics.

Public History:

Intersect: Perspectives in Texas Public History : Texas State University Public History program’s digital journal


Pop Up Museum! This is a great site for learning about how to make your own Pop Up Museum and I love it so much.

The Participatory Museum: This book is excellent reading and I recommend it!

Museum 2.0: Still blogging and providing interesting content!

The Wing Luke Museum: They have some great community-centered exhibits.

The Brenham Heritage Museum: Local museum near me that collaborates well with the local community. 


When You Work At A Museum – working with the public has its challenges and many of them are funny after the fact ;)