Finally Moved! Now seeking freelance museum/history/education work.

We have finally settled in - we just relocated from Texas to New Hampshire. The past few months have been filled with packing, driving, unpacking, and getting my Texan husband and daughter used to my native New England climate. We are still not completely unpacked (books… it is always the books)

I am currently looking for history freelance work and part time museum things because our main reason for relocating (other than me missing home) was to take care of my disabled family members. I love serving the community in different ways, so I am seeking opportunities that allow me to do so while also preserving my ability to tend to the needs of my extended family.

The wide range of services that I can offer include curriculum design, content creation, writing (creative and non-fiction), historical research, social media content creation, and grant writing.

I would love to get to know other museum folk in the local area, I have joined NEMA, and am currently contracting for part time work with a local school district to keep my hand in history and education skills sharp.

In the meantime - I am learning more about the local history here in New Hampshire, and enjoying participating with the local augmented reality gaming communities, I am looking forward to working with the local schools and students in my new home. I have also joined a flute choir here in the Merrimack Valley and my first performance is next week!

Coming Soon: Posts about cool local sites I have seen in my travels, outstanding wayfinding, and some of my adventures in Augmented Reality Gaming.