What has the public museologist been up to lately?

The time between posts has been long, I know. I have not been sitting idle though!

While sifting through job postings looking for the right fit for me, I have been working freelance in the local educational system, tutoring and familiarizing myself with education standards in New Hampshire. This has been great, and I am getting an idea about the kinds of experiences students are having and how schools are accommodating students of different ability levels.

I have also been traveling around a bit, collecting cool photos about public history - it is EVERYWHERE - in places you might least expect it - local restaurants, hospitals, and businesses hosting improvised exhibits of art, local history, and in a sense, maintaining the local culture and identity.

I have also been working on a long blog series that I hope to turn into an article. I have already written much of my own thoughts and opinions on the matter of technology and small museums, and I am working on background research and context. It will likely be a 10 or 12 part series incorporating my thoughts and work over the past five years running a small museum in Texas. Some will draw on presentations I have given at regional museum conferences.

I hope to post the introduction to the series in the next week or so. Then the blog will update once or twice a week until the series completes.