At the American Association of Museums annual meeting in St. Louis, MO 2017

At the American Association of Museums annual meeting in St. Louis, MO 2017


The adventures of a public museologist...

A public museologist is what happens when a pragmatic public archaeologist studies education and public history and returns to the museum field  full of really cool cross-disciplinary ideas. 

A few parts pop-up museum, a few parts augmented reality gaming, and many parts community collaboration, Christine Hoffman combines a wealth of interests and experiences to develop small museums into more interesting and exciting places for the public to engage with and collaborate in interpreting their past. 

Specializing in:

  • Community engagement

  • collaborative exhibit development

  • social media

  • event management - festivals with audiences of 30K over one weekend, twice a year for 3 years.

  • fundraising and development, grant writing and grant management

  • Using augmented reality and mobile technology to engage millennial audiences in museums

  • public history, archaeology and anthropology research

Innovation on a dime, public history on a shoestring, and handmade exhibitions addressing community issues are all part and parcel in her day to day work. 

Christine began her life's journey in Massachusetts, and after some interesting and varied adventures in employment, heard the call of Go West, young lady, and moved to Texas. Sixteen years later she is hitting the road with her family to relocate to her native New England. If you have an open position that could make use of her skills, or you wish to contact her for contract work, please email choffman@publicmuseology.org

  • BA in Anthropology and History from University of Houston (focusing on public archaeology)

  • participated in Americorps with Citizen Schools teaching fellowship and earned a M.Ed. from Lesley University in Cambridge

  • MA in History, from the Public History Program at Texas State University